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Volume 1

Volume 2

Will Loconto, Will Nevins, Stan Neuvo


Comprised of four different epochs, DAIKATANA was a good opportunity for its composers
to create a variety of music. Together, these releases comprise the entirety of the score with
bonus tracks not used in the final incarnation of the game.

Given the reception the game met with, most of this score is previously unheard, nevermind
in isolated and non-lossy format. Also includes a slow organ interpretation of Bobby Prince's
DOOM theme, as featured in the mortuary level of the Japan epoch.

Musical elements include classical guitar, eerie bass frequencies, noble brass, stark
electronica, piano, and chorus.

Total Playing Time: 124 minutes, 45 seconds

Parallel styles/works :

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth (Halloween III, Prince Of Darkness - 755 Norway)
Bernard Herrmann (Jason And The Argonauts - 1200 BC Greece)
Hans Zimmer (Gladiator - 1200 BC Greece)
Don Davis (The Matrix - 2455 Japan)
Rammstein (Sensucht - 2030 San Francisco)

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