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Soundakt Studios


The score to the 2007 isometric action roleplaying game LOKI, composed and performed by
Soundakt Studios.

Strong foreboding themes - threatening, noble, twisted - the official soundtrack to the powerful
epic from the PC platform. The fantasy-themed isometric perspective action-adventure experience
featured a widely acclaimed atmospheric melody-oriented score based upon four adventuring
epochs and their malevolent inhabitants: Nordic, Aztec, Egyptian, and Greek.

Musical elements include haunting woodwinds, soft pads, unique unsettling synths, cracking
percussion, shuddering celli, ethereal grand hall chorus, picked strings, and relentless pulsing bass.

Total Playing Time: 77 minutes, 51 seconds

Parallel styles/works :

John Carpenter, Alan Howarth (Prince Of Darkness, Escape From New York)
Brad Fiedel (The Terminator)
Ennio Morricone (The Thing)
Rom Di Prisco, Mike Larson, Jim B-Reay (RUNE)

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